Create a landing page
in the era of social networks

Our main idea is that you don’t really need a big website today to represent you: too time consuming to maintain, most of the valuable content is now on different web platforms (blogging, social, apps... )

That’s why with, you can build a landing page, that gather all the links to your content from different social networks or web platforms.

Start creating your page

Easy to use

Easy for any body focused on the business more than the technique. This solution is designed to gather the presence on different social endpoints of an influencer, a consultant, a retail store, a startup...

Free has just been launched. During this period, the service is free and be sure that the features of your account will be free forever. For our most exigent customers, premium services will come soonly.

Fast is based on Cloud technologies (yeah, sometimes we like to use buzzwords like anybody else too) to supply instant access to your audience, wherever they are, by using a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN).

How it works?

If you think that our solution isn't enough intuitive, follow those steps...

1- Login

Sign In/Sign Up with your Facebook account, Google account or email. You will grant access to your private secure management of your landing page.

2- Choose domain name

Choose the best address for your landing page in function of your needs, targets and location such as:

3- Setup Content

Set up title, pictures, some explanation text for your audience, and the links to social networks accounts, apps, etc. that you would share.

4- Share your landing page

Click save and your landing page with all the setup performed will be available for free at the domain page that you choosed.